Androsurge | Top Rated Estrogen Blocker for 2017

Androsurge | Top Rated Estrogen Blocker for 2017

Let us start off by saying this, there are a lot of supplements out there.. and we me a lot! So it can definitely become overwhelming when trying to choose ‘the best’ one or one that works great for you.

This is why we’ve done the work to save you time, stress, and of course money when it comes to looking for an anti-estrogen and testosterone booster.

After some thorough online research, we have come to a conclusion and rated Androsurge by Jacked Factory as the top rated estrogen blocker for 2017.

Because of many reasons, such as their completely transparent formula that is actually backed by science, and the awesome reviews.

Not to mention we weren’t the only people to rank it as #1. Many supplement review sites, such as Spot Me Bro ranked Androsurge as their top estrogen blocking supplement.

View their proprietary blend free ingredient list below:

Vitamin D – 1000 IU
Zinc – 9.5 mg
Grape Seed Extract – 150 mg
DIM – 150 mg
Rhodiola Root Extract – 125 mg
Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract – 100 mg
BioPerine – 5 mg (added to increase uptake of each ingredient)